Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010

I'm shocked

Mein Lieblings-StoffLaden schliesst. Heute bekam ich die folgenden Mail...............
My favorit fabricstore is closing. I just recived this mail............

Hi Everyone,
The Quilter's Palette is going out of business. That's right - done, caput, finito, that's all she wrote, I hear the fat lady singing! I'm a little tired and cranky and bored and squirrelly and it's time to be done. The shop will be closed by August 31, 2010.
Anyway - We are having SALE starting June 22.
20% off the entire store except for Wool, Block of the Month and consignment. The shelves and fixtures and thread racks and book racks are for sale also. The antiques are mine - sorry! Some of the samples will also be for sale.
I'm keeping the wool and related kits and patterns. I plan on doing the local Guild Quilt shows and maybe teaching some classes so you are not rid of me yet. Sorry!
Hey, it's been a wild ride,
The Quilter's Palette

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